Biomass Shadow Lifted from Leith

Lothian’s Green MSP Alison Johnstone has welcomed the decision by Forth Energy to abandon its plans for a large-scale biomass power station in Leith.

In a motion tabled in the Scottish Parliament, the Greens have congratulated local campaigners on their campaign and have urged the Scottish Government to use the newly created ‘special renewable enterprise zone’ in Leith as an opportunity to develop community-scale renewables of real benefit to Leithers and the whole Lothian region.

Alison Johnstone MSP said:

“Leith needs renewable energy and warmer homes but this was simply the wrong project in the wrong place. I want to see greater focus from developers on community-scale renewables to heat and power our city, rather than oversized and unsustainable proposals.

“I congratulate the local green campaigners who’ve fought hard for this result and I hope that Forth Energy will show that they’ve listened to the arguments and reconsider its other plans for biomass around the Forth.”

Chas Booth, Green Party prospective candidate for the Leith ward added,
“Leithers will be delighted that the dark shadow of the biomass power station has been lifted. Forth Energy’s proposal was never sustainable, and would have been a massive blight on Leith. Instead we should focus on proposals to bring green collar jobs to the area through off-shore wind manufacturing.”




1. The motion in Alison Johnstone’s name is below:

Title: Leith Biomass Plan Scrapped
S4M-02002 Alison Johnstone (Scottish Green Party): That the Parliament welcomes the decision by Forth Energy to scrap plans for a biomass energy plant in the port of Leith; congratulates the local groups and campaigners who have highlighted what it considers the unsustainable nature of the proposed plant as well as concerns regarding its scale, location and impact on pollution and congestion; notes that more than 1,800 members of the public objected to the power station plan; considers that the plan to create only electricity from the plant would have been highly inefficient and that importing wood from overseas to fuel the plant would have caused unnecessary local disruption and pollution as well as contributing to international deforestation and human rights abuses in other communities; remains concerned that three Forth Energy biomass plants that it considers unsustainable are still planned at the ports of Dundee, Grangemouth and Rosyth, and urges the Scottish Government to ensure that the designated special renewable enterprise zone in Leith will bring benefits to the local community as well as a sustainable energy future.