Lothian Green MSP secures backing for cycle action

Following the first ever Holyrood debate on cycling, the Scottish Parliament is expected to back a Green Party motion on a package of  measures to enable more Scots to get cycling and feel safe on our roads.

In the debate, the Minister for Transport and Housing announced his intention this summer to review and refresh the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, which was agreed last year.

Lothian Green MSP, Alison Johnstone, who led the debate, proposed measures including:

– ensuring that all road users have access to increased cycling safety training and ensuring that every child in Scotland is able to undertake on-road cycle training by 2015.

– expanding the use of 20 mph zones in residential and shopping streets and reviewing all urban speed limits

– implementing a rolling programme to upgrade infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists as part of every road improvement

The Greens also highlighted their strong support for the Pedal on Parliament event planned for the 28th April

Green MSP Alison Johnstone said:

“Today’s debate has pushed the need for greater cycling investment and training to the top of the agenda, where it now needs to stay. I’m delighted that this Green-led debate has received the backing of other parties, now let’s translate that into action that will make a difference at street-level.

“I called for every child in Scotland to be offered on-road cycle training by 2015, and I’m very glad that the Parliament agrees. Only 30% of Scottish children currently get on-road training at the moment so there’s a clear need to do more if we want to grow a culture of safe cycling.”

1. The motion in Alison Johnstone’s name, which is expected to receive cross-party support can be seen here: