Green campaign success as Waverley Market set to be saved

Green MSP Alison Johnstone has welcomed a Government amendment to the Long Leases Bill that will prevent Edinburgh’s Waverley Market site from passing into private hands.*

Edinburgh Greens have been campaigning on the issue for over two years, arguing that this valuable city-centre land should remain in public lands and Alison first raised it in her role as a city Councillor (2)

Alison Johnstone, who met with the Minister responsible last week, said:

“This is a very welcome result after years of hard work by local Greens and other campaigners. The Government has finally seen the sense of keeping this valuable land in public hands and I think that both current and future residents of Edinburgh will very much appreciate this decision.”


*The Government amendment to the Long Leases Bill has been published today. The relevant amendment is section 1, which redefines those leases affected and the 175 year clause has the effect of exempting Waverley Market.