HMV demise shows small business key to high streets

Responding to the news that HMV has gone into administration, Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian, said:

“HMV stores like the one on Princes Street in Edinburgh are a real fixture and while it will be sad to see them go the real sadness is for the staff. They, along with those who worked at other national chains like Comet and Jessops, are paying the price while on-line retailers like tax-dodging Amazon enjoy a boom.

“It’s also sickening for customers who bought gift vouchers which their recipients can’t now spend.

“Rather than attempt to hit repeat we need to ensure diversity on our high streets, supporting the growth of independent businesses and encouraging start ups. In the last couple of years the vast majority of people who moved from unemployment to private sector employment found work in small businesses. Supporting these firms is crucial to creating jobs.”