MSP Johnstone salutes solar

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian, has welcomed proposals to fit solar panels on Council-owned buildings, but said that she would like to see the scheme be community-run.

Alison said: “This is a fantastic project and a step in the right direction, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Edinburgh’s residents benefit environmentally, socially and financially, rather than just going to the nearest multi-national and asking them to take over the project?

“Kirklees Council (in West Yorkshire] has been doing this for years and have estates of solar-powered homes.

“There, any unused electricity goes back into the grid, and any profit isn’t just going into a multinational’s purse.

“If you look at the residents who have got together in Portobello to promote the community wind turbine, we need to adopt that kind of model.”

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