Greens back Abbeyhill Primary School Demonstration

Green councillors and activists will join parents and school children in the latest demonstration against school closures, this time at Abbeyhill Primary School (Tuesday 28 August). 


Green Education Spokesperson, Cllr Alison Johnstone gave this message of support to the protestors. 


“Greens stood in the city council elections with a specific manifesto pledge to oppose school closures.  That is why we voted against the Lib Dem-SNP proposals last week and why we will stand shoulder to shoulder with parents and children in their battle to keep schools as the pulse of their communities. 


“Abbeyhill is a highly popular local school with excellent networks into the local community, which itself remains a diverse and vibrant neighbourhood at the heart of the city.  We need to be building on the successes of areas like Abbeyhill; not destroying them.