Greens help defeat privatisation plans

Green councillors have successfully opposed attempts to privatise City of Edinburgh Council’s environmental services.  The three Green councillors joined with the SNP and Labour groups to back an in-house bid for delivery of the services.  Liberal Democrat and Conservative councillors had wanted to approve private company, Enterprise, to run the service but could not secure enough support for this option.

Speaking in the debate, Green councillor, Steve Burgess said:

Steve Burgegss“This is one of the biggest decisions the council will ever have to make. This would hand over a significant proportion of the council services to other parties. This proposal is still not widely known about however and the complexity of the ABM programme makes it difficult to know what would actually happen. Flexibility would be lost if the council employees are moved to a third party employer. There is an alternative. The PSC would deliver significant improvements with many fewer job losses. The council would retain control and the power to react to changing needs.”