Green candidate challenges fellow participants to “Act for Sport”

A Green candidate for Holyood has urged fellow candidates to “Act for Sport” not just vote for sport.

Alison Johnstone, who is top Green candidate for Lothian in the Holyrood elections, spoke as she signed up to the Scottish Sport Alliance’s “Vote for Sport” pledge for election candidates.

Former East of Scotland 800m and 1500m title holder, Alison revealed how important athletics had been throughout her life and how her impatience with coaching shortages led her to take direct action.

“From the age of 14 right into my twenties athletics was a big part of my life. I still run for fitness and I really do cherish the opportunity that sport gives to people of all ages and abilities to get active.

“However, facilities here compared with other northern European countries are really not keeping pace. And it is not just facilities.

“About two years ago, in my role as Green councillor in Edinburgh I was made aware of enthusiastic children being turned away from taking part in sport simply because there were no coaches.  I had been trying to get the Council to see what it could do to help and ended up making a promise at a full Council meeting that I would take up the challenge myself.  So I have gone through the courses now and my coaching licence came through a few weeks ago!

“So I hope that every would-be MSP who is signing up to the Vote For Sport pledge realizes that they need to Act For Sport as well.”