Cutting Public Services is a Betrayal says Green Candidate

A Green candidate for Holyrood has hit out at the cosy consensus on public services cuts.

Speaking at an election meeting in Edinburgh tonight (Thursday 28 April) Lothian Green candidate, Shonagh McEwan will claim that the four largest parties all offer different versions of the same menu: meekly passing on the cuts to Scotland’s budgets imposed by the UK Government. At the meeting organised by the Edinburgh Trades Union Council and the Edinburgh Anti-Cuts alliance at St Augustine’s Church, she’ll argue that only the Greens have been honest with voters by spelling out how to continue to fund investment in schools, community services and a sustainable, low carbon future.

Dr McEwan’s arguments were backed by top Green candidate, Alison Johnstone. Alison, who is bidding to replace retiring Robin Harper as Green MSP for Lothian, said:

“The four largest parties are offering thin fare this election. They’ve spent most of the time squabbling about where the axe should fall on public services or pretending to voters that we can offer new services and cut taxes at the same time.

“Neither scenario is credible. I want to see a city that invests in our local schools, in our transport system and in keeping homes dry and warm. I believe that the Scottish Parliament was established precisely for that reason so that we did not have to submit to whatever direction was set by Westminster. That’s the test Scotland faces now.

“Anything else is a betrayal of what the Scottish Parliament was meant to be about.”