Progress on garden bike sheds welcomed

Green councillor Nigel Bagshaw has welcomed Planning Committee support for his motion seeking greater clarity and certainty on the location of sheds for bikes in gardens.

Over the last year, councillors and cycle campaign Spokes had been alterted to a number of examples of householders who had been refused planning permission for or had enforcement action against bike sheds in front gardens, even although the City Council has ambitious targets to increase the number of regular cycle journeys.

It appeared that planning and transport policies were in some conflict. Today (16 May) Green member of the Planning Committee, Nigel Bagshaw, secured committee support for revised guidelines to be looked at, along the lines drafted by Spokes.  

Cllr Bagshaw said

“This is not the major transport or planning issue facing the city.  But the contradiction between policies was an irritation when we should be breaking down barriers to greater cycle use, so I believe this is a step in the right direction.”