Edinburgh Greens object to Leith Biomass

Green Cllr for Leith Walk ward Maggie Chapman

Edinburgh Greens today submitted a formal objection to the proposed biomass energy plant at Leith Docks.

Councillor for Leith Walk Maggie Chapman made the submission on behalf of the local Green party branch, whose members have been heavily involved in action against the plant.

The objection is on the basis of five material grounds: location, visual impact, air quality, traffic congestion and marine ecology. However, three additional points regarding sustainability and fuel security, climate change, and the lack of plans to deliver heat produced to homes are raised in the submission.

Councillor Alison Johnstone, standing as the party’s lead Lothian candidate for the Holyrood election said:

Alison Johnstone

Cllr Alison Johnstone

It makes no sense to ship waste from all over the world to burn in a huge plant at Leith. Aside from the visual impact of the facility, there are serious environmental concerns: deteriorating local air quality and the huge carbon footprint being just two of them.

“We’re proposing real investment in a green sector that creates jobs and cuts greenhouse emissions – not eyesores which just happen to be branded “renewable”.

She added:

“This huge development is entirely inappropriate for Leith docks – it would dominate the skyline and cause major

congestion. In short, it would substantially diminish quality of life for residents in the immediate vicinity and across the north of Edinburgh.”

Today marks the deadline for objections to the controversial development, which has seen widespread opposition from Leith residents and environmental campaigners.

Notes to Editors:

1. Full text of the submission may be found here.