Forth Bridge Stunt Simply Unbelievable

Today’s announcement by the SNP that questionable reductions in the overall cost of the unnecessary additional Forth Bridge were treated with derision by the Scottish Greens, who argue that Ministers should instead fix the existing bridge for a fraction of the cost.

Patrick Harvie said:

“The public simply won’t believe any politician who tries to manufacture a giveaway election without saying where the money will come from. Today’s announcement is even more absurd than the LibDems and their magic money pot. The SNP want to squander £1.6bn on a bridge we don’t need without even trying to fix the one we have, and somehow this frees up hundreds of millions of pounds in a budget of cuts.

“The price-tag may have been massaged down, but that doesn’t magically make money pop into existence from nowhere. If Alex Salmond was really committed to jobs and society he’d be investing in housing and public transport, not yet another motorway we don’t need.”