Greens claim steady progress after Edinburgh by-election

Greens are claiming that their message of a fairer and greener city is now reaching new audiences after a council by-election in Edinburgh yesterday (20 June).

In the Liberton-Gilmerton area of the city, the Greens took 5.6% of the vote: up from the 2012 result of 5.2% and seeing off the challenge of UKIP on the back of unprecedented publicity given to a minority party.

Green candidate Alys Mumford said:

“This is not a part of the city with a tradition of voting Green in large numbers.  However, as I have gone from door-to-door I have found new levels of support for what the Greens stand for and real appreciation of what our 6-strong group of councillors have championed: issues like bedroom tax, loss of greenbelt land and how remote the “we-know-best” council seems”.

“I’m sure our steady progress today stands us in good stead for all sorts of elections ahead and for the prospect of a Green councillor in Liberton-Gilmerton in the next full council elections in 2017.

“I want to thank the other candidates for making it a good-spirited contest and I wish Keith Robson good luck in the City Chambers.  Thanks too to my team of helpers for all their hard work and support.