Greens: Care and Support Services Contracts to fall

Edinburgh’s Greens have welcomed a Council decision to suspend any decisions regarding the tendering of Care and Support Services for vulnerable adults, meaning that no contracts will be awarded at this time.

Cllr Maggie Chapman, the Green Health and Social Care spokesperson said:

“I am delighted with this decision.  It clearly shows that there are unresolved problems with the tender process, and no support for the proposed handling of Direct Payments.  In October’s Finance and Resources committee meeting, I warned the Council that these problems would not just go away, and I think the consistent pressure put on the Council by service users, their advocates and opposition councillors has resulted in this U-turn by the administration.

“The sheer disregard shown by the Council for service users and carers, demonstrated by the absence of clear communication and consultation over the last 8 months, has been astonishing.

“I am very pleased that the process will be reviewed independently.  I hope that concerns about the robustness of the Equalities Impact Assessment, the lack of clear direction for users not eligible for Direct Payments, and the impact on staff and voluntary organisations, including TUPE arrangements, will be explored.

“In time, I hope that the Council will realise that the tendering of these services is detrimental to the wellbeing and sustainability of service users, their carers and the city’s voluntary service providers, and will not actually result in meaningful savings for the council in the long term.  This was no way to treat our citizens, and I am sorry for all the stress and anxiety that has been caused over the last few months.�



1. The initial Green amendment (from October Finance and Resources Committee) calling for the decision to be reviewed is here (Item 3.2, amendment 1):