Green councillor deeply disappointed by Castlebrae closure recommendation

Green councillors in Edinburgh expressed “deep disappointment but no surprise” at the recommendation by Council officers to close Castlebrae Community High
School in one of the city’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods, Craigmillar. The recommendations now fall to be considered by all councillors on 14 March.

Green Education Spokesperson Cllr Melanie Main said:

“There will be many dejected families in Craigmillar today: families who feel a fierce loyalty to Craigmillar and who understand what it means to a community to lose its high school. I share their deep disappointment but it comes as no surprise, given that the starting gun was fired on closure consultation last October.

“Castlebrae has clearly been a struggling school in some ways, but it also has a unique identity and unique way of working that could be built on. Instead, young
people are to be transferred from there to Edinburgh’s largest secondary school in Portobello, which itself still faces uncertainty about where a replacement
school will be built.

“But it is about more than education, vital though that is. It is also about the city’s confidence in the regeneration of Craigmillar and its attraction as a place for families to settle. If this decision goes ahead, they will now see a school-shaped hole for the foreseeable future, added to all the other gap-sites and wonder if Craigmillar is for them.”