Greens challenge information gap over secondary school closure

Green councillors have today challenged the City Council over the shock decision to consult on closing Castlebrae High School. Education  spokesperson Melanie Main said that the decision posed major questions over the future of secondary education in the south east of the city. She said:

“A new high school in Craigmillar has been a centre-piece of regeneration plans in the area for years. Castlebrae has faced problems, partly as a result of the uncertainty over its future, but if we are to make proper long term decisions about schooling we need urgent answers to questions such as where the children currently at the school will go; what the impact will be on adjacent schools; and how new development in Craigmillar will affect demand for future school places.”

“I am dismayed about how little information we have to make a decision which will affect so many young people and the community. In the context of school rolls rising dramatically over the next ten years we need to be absolutely certain that we are making the right choices.”