Green MSP challenges CBI over plastic bag claims

Lothians Green MSP, Alison Johnstone, has challenged the CBI over claims that action on plastic bags could deal a devastating blow to the Scottish economy.

In the main front page story in the Scotsman, Alison said

“It’s bizarre indeed for the CBI to come out against one of the simplest and most effective environmental measures around.

“Countries as far apart as Ireland, Hong Kong and Rwanda have already gone down this route, and Wales are next.

“Our current culture of a new plastic bag every time you visit a shop is paid for by retailers.

“The extra litter means we all pay more in clean-up costs, not to mention the impact on wildlife, and the extra landfill charges cost taxpayers dearly, too.

“A small charge has proved remarkably effective elsewhere at shifting people to using long-life bags, and the benefits are substantial.”