City Centre By-election result

In the City Centre by-election held on 18 August the Scottish Green candidate Melanie Main had a strong showing which the party says bodes well for the main council elections in 2012.

The Greens took 14% of first preference votes and climbed a place from fifth to fourth, with double the votes of the Lib Dems who trailed in last and also ahead of a populist anti-trams candidate.  However, the vote tally still meant  the Greens exited the process on the third round.

The Greens pointed to the dismal turnout of 23% and the fact that students who make up 50% of the vote in some areas were largely absent.

Green candidate Melanie Main said:

“My huge personal thanks go to everyone who supported the campaign: those who helped from home and out on the streets, from the city itself and from further afield.  And to those who voted and encouraged others to do so.

“I’ve made new friends; the local City Centre Team has grown and developed and we have all learned a lot.  We can be really confident going into the council elections next year.”

The by-election was won by the SNP’s Alastair Rankin beating the Conservatives by 104 votes in the final round.  Labour came third.  This means the SNP retain the seat.

See CEC website for full results; below are first preferences only

Con 837 (24%)

SNP 797 (23%)

Lab 682 (20%)

Green 494 (14%)

Ind 394 (11%)

Lib-Dem 251 (7%)

Greens were excluded in the third round at 110 votes short of Labour.