“From clean power to dirty power” claim Greens

Edinburgh Greens have criticised a council decision to tie itself into a ten year contract to source all its electricity from burning rubbish.

At full Council last week councillors backed a recommendation by officers to offer contractors at the new Millerhill waste treatment centre (jointly owned with Midlothian Council) an option to sell all electricity from burning waste back to the Council.  Only the Greens voted against.

Green environment spokesperson Cllr Chas Booth explained:

“At present, the council gets 100 per cent of its electricity from renewables, like wind and water. Now we are being asked to sign up to a contract through to 2027 which commits us to buying electricity from burning rubbish. However much the council tries to dress it up, this is a setback for green energy.”

Cllr Booth said the new contract was also a “stab in the back” for any effort to make dramatic improvements to energy efficiency in council buildings.

“By committing the city to buying a fixed amount of ?electricity, no matter the level of consumption, where is the incentive to redyuce energy use in the long term?”

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