Capital’s Lib-Dem/SNP coalition failing on climate change

A ‘report card’ on action to tackle climate change released today, shows that Edinburgh Council failing on cutting its own climate changing pollution.The official figures revealed in a report to the Council’s top Policy & Strategy Committee this morning [1], show that over its term of office the current LibDem/SNP coalition have achieved only 0.97% reduction in climate-changing pollution in each of the five years that its been in power – compared to a Council stated target of 5% reduction per year.

Pollution reduction has actually slowed since the current LibDem/SNP Administration came to power. Prior to 2007 the average annual reduction was 1.2% [1].

Greens’ Environment spokesperson Cllr. Steve Burgess said;

“Its own figures show the Council itself is failing to cut back on climate-changing pollution. At a time when it’s vital for the capital of  Scotland to be leading the way on climate change, the current LibDem/SNP administration is failing.

“Going as far back as 2010, Green Councillors have called for reports on specific proposals to reduce pollution, such as improving energy efficiency and generating renewable energy but we are still waiting for these.”

NOTES: [1] For data see: Scottish Climate Change Declaration Annual Report, Appendix 1, 2.Reducing the Council’s own ‘corporate’ reenhouse gas

[2] Green Group addendum, Policy & Strategy committee, 27 March, Item 6: Scottish Climate Change Declaration: Annual Report. Add to recommendation:

6.2 Notes that before the current LibDem/SNP Administration took office the in 2007, the average annual reduction in the
Council’s own CO2 climate-changing pollution was 1.2%

6.3 Notes that since the current Administration took office the average annual reduction in Council climate-changing pollution
is now only 0.97% (compared to a Council stated target of 5% reduction every year)

6.4 Notes the outstanding proposals from Green Councillors, agreed by Council but yet to be taken forward, that would help reduce Council emissions;

(i) To investigate new methods of financing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy for the Council estate (CEC, November 2010)

(ii) To investigate the setting up a City of Edinburgh Renewable Energy Development company to generate electricity and revenue for the Council (TIE, February 2011)

(iii) ‘Action on climate change’ – to review the Council’s governance and management arrangements for Sustainable Development and Climate Change including that the SD unit report directly to the Chief Executive (TIE, February 2011)