Greens take to the streets in march for climate justice and jobs

With climate talks kicking off in Paris Edinburgh Greens joined thousands of campaigners from all over Scotland in marching through the city.

As the dangers of climate change continue to spiral and have very real and current effects, as binding targets continue to be missed or avoided altogether, and as collective international action remains elusive,the need for action has never been greater.  Saturday’s march sought to put pressure on politicians to finally reach an agreement and put our planet, and everybody on it, before corporate profits.

Speaking to the gathered activists Green MSP Patrick Harvie urged the Scottish Government to go much further much faster he said:

“When even the governor of the Bank of England warns that investing in fossil fuels risks devastating the economy, it’s simply not credible for governments to drag their feet.

“Scotland has the resources and the talent to lead the way. We can have many more jobs than currently exist in oil and gas if we prioritise decommissioning, renewables and energy efficient housing.”