The vast majority of voters in the Lothians region – 77% – say that climate change will be an important issue when deciding how to vote, according to an ICM poll commissioned by the Scottish Green Party (1).
The poll follows the latest UN report on the likely impact of climate change. In it, the IPCC says, with a greater than 95% confidence, that “nearly all European regions are anticipated to be negatively affected by some future impacts of climate change”  including flash floods, increased erosion and “extensive species loss” of up to 60 percent in some areas. Another recent report warned of the changes climate change will bring to Scottish farming. (2)
Mark Ballard, Green list MSP candidate for Lothians, said:

“Greens agree with Lothians voters: this election will be Scotland’s first ‘Climate Change Election’. The other parties are all hot air on climate change, and they all support massive new roads and airport expansion. With new research spelling out how extreme weather will impact on Scotland, including the Lothians, it’s clear that the region needs a strong Green voice.”

Urging Lothians voters to back the Greens (with the “first” vote which appears on the left-hand side of the ballot paper), Robin Harper, top Green Lothians list candidate and the party’s co-leader, added:

“Whichever party you back in your constituency, I urge Lothians voters to first vote Green on May 3. If one Scot in five votes Green in this election, we could elect sufficient Green MSPs to push forward our 12-point plan to build a prosperous low carbon economy and turn around the Executive’s lamentable record on the environment.”


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The poll was part of ICM’s Scottish Omnibus, with fieldwork conducted between March 29th and March 31st.

Question: Some people have told us that when it comes to deciding which party to vote for in the Scottish Parliamentary elections that the issue of climate change will be important to them, while others say it will not be important. How about you? When it comes to choosing who to vote for, how important an issue do you think climate change is in these elections?

Results in the Lothians region:

Very important: 33%
Quite important: 44%
Quite unimportant: 14%
Very unimportant: 8%

Results for whole of Scotland:
Very important: 30%
Quite important: 39%
Quite unimportant: 19%
Very unimportant: 10%

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