Clippings. December 2010

Where the Edinburgh Greens made the news in December.

Tuition Fees

The Westminster vote to raise tuition fees saw students take to the streets in London and Edinburgh. Green MSP Robin Harper addresses students outside the Scottish Parliament, and offered to pay their membership if they joined the scottish green party before christmas.

Plastic Bags

The campaign to make Edinburgh a plastic bag free city gained a lot of attention this month.

Long Leases Bill

The Long Leases (Scotland) Bill might be though of as a tidying up bill – It will see ownership of properties with leases with more than 100 years left to run transfere to the leasee. However were the bill to become an Act, common good sites like Waverley market, would pass from the being owned by the people of Edinburgh, to private hands.

Snowy Weather

Edinburgh got quite a lot of snow.  This caused some disruption.

Fair Pay

Cllr Maggie Chapman tabled two motion on fair pay at this month council meeting.  The motions call for Edinburgh City Council to apply tough pay equality rules to companies that it contracts, and freeze hiring that breaks an agreed pay ratio.

Other News