Corstorphine/Murrayfield Ward: Candidate – Charles Kennedy

ckennedyimage-2.jpgThe Greens have selected Charles Kennedy as candidate for the Corstorphine / Murrayfield ward for the City Council elections on 3 May 2007

Charles Kennedy is 38 and works as an editor in the City of Edinburgh Council’s Children and Families Department, helping to publish materials for schools and other educational establishments. He previously worked in environmental health, dealing with noise issues, and for a small publishing firm.

‘Like many people, I enjoy walking in the green spaces round about Edinburgh, like the Pentlands, Holyrood Park and the Water of Leith,’ he says. ‘But I know that smaller parks and green spaces are just as important to local people and should be valued more highly than they sometimes are.

‘I believe that these council elections will have a huge influence on the direction Edinburgh takes in the future. We face two great environmental challenges: the challenge of taking our responsibilities seriously in fighting climate change, and the challenge of protecting and enhancing the city’s own environment, as it comes under increasing pressure.

‘We also have a responsibility to safeguard the future of local schools and shops, affordable housing, and other community facilities. The local authority has great power over all these matters, either directly or indirectly through its planning and economic development powers. It needs to use these powers wisely, looking to the medium and long term in a changing world, rather than looking for short-lived political or economic advantage.’