Edinburgh Greens launch listening exercise on vision for council elections 2017

Greens in Edinburgh have asked people in the capital for their views about what matters in the 2017 council elections.

The Green launch comes in the wake of last week’s council-led project which asked people what kind of Edinburgh they wanted to see by 2050.

In a wide-ranging document, the Greens set out their stall on lots of issues, with special emphasis on:

  • A much more equal city, with the gap between rich and poor reduced, and homelessness ended.
  • A much healthier city, with clean air, clean streets and green space for everyone to enjoy.
  • A green-energy city, ending fuel poverty, powered by renewable energy and ending use of dirty, dangerous oil, gas and nuclear.
  • A better-connected city, with people choosing to use public transport, bikes and walking to get around; and a city which leads the way in “smart” technology.
  • An open city where much more say is handed to individual residents and community groups; and where hurdles that stop people taking part are removed.

The party, which currently has 5 councillors in the City Chambers, says it is optimistic that it will at least double those numbers next May and, with most candidates already selected and active locally, it is months ahead of rivals.

Green Group convenor Cllr Steve Burgess said:

“Edinburgh is a great city. But a great city needs a green future; and a green future in which more Green councillors are able to argue for our exciting ideas for the capital.

“That is why, today, I am launching our biggest ever listening exercise in Edinburgh. As of the weekend past, we have 125,000 newsletters going out to homes across the city, asking residents what matters to them for next year’s council elections.

“Between now and the end of November I want as many views as possible on some of the draft ideas we have set out: on transport, planning, housing, schools, care and how the council works – to name only a few.

“We will then use that feedback to develop our final proposals for the council elections next May. And in those elections I really expect the number of Green councillors to double and to make sure that green future actually happens.”