Greens question consultants’ fees linked to “failure”

Green councillors have questioned how much the Council spends on consultants after a report to Finance and Resources Committee revealed the bill almost doubling between 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Green councillor Gavin Corbett said:

“A large organisation like the Council will always need, from time to time, to bring in additional expertise.

“But there’s the stench of failure around some of these costs: over £1 million in fees for a privatisation programme that was going nowhere; and over £2 million for a property repairs investigation which was only needed because the Council service collapsed.

“Only last week the Council was saying it could not afford to keep Leith Waterworld open at the cost of £250,000 a year. With over £9 million spent on consultants last year that will be a hard one for community campaigners to swallow.”

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