Greens slam Craighouse decision

Local Greens have signalled dismay over the decision by planning committee to grant permission for new high-cost housing at Craighouse. While Green planning committee member, Nigel Bagshaw, voted against permission, the committee as a whole voted 9-6 in favour of the controversial development on the protected site at Easter Craiglockhart Hill after a marathon 8 hour sitting of planning committee.

Local Green councillor Gavin Corbett slammed the decision, claiming:

“This is nothing short of a betrayal of the thousands of people who have submitted objections to the massive over-development of Craighouse as one of the most special places in the city.”

Neighbouring Green councillor Melanie Main added:

“In deciding to ride roughshod over a host of planning protections, those members of planning committee who supported the application have not only signalled a dramatic change at Craighouse, they have utterly undermined their future credibility as custodians of the city”

And Green MSP Alison Johnstone, who lives locally, said:

“One of the biggest disappointments in today’s decision is that it has closed the door on exciting plans to re-invent Craighouse as a hub for community enjoyment and local businesses in favour of bland and exclusive private housing. What a failure of the imagination!”