Greens oppose sale of Curriehill playing fields

This morning in the City’s Finance and Resource Committee, 3 Labour and 1 Green Councillor combined to force the decision regarding the sale of the Curriehill Primary School site up to full Council.(1) 
Green Education spokesperson Alison Johnstone said “It’s vital that sale of this public asset is given the most intense scrutiny.  The local community were given guarantees in 2004 that the school playing fields would remain intact.  Now they’re informed that the developer has been offered a larger proportion of the school’s green space.” 
Councillor Johnstone told the Committee that they should not be bought off with promises of installing play facilities nearby, citing the example of the playground at Meggetland, where playing fields were sold some years ago as “a sorry example” of a children’s play park.
For further details please contact Alison Johnstone on 07973 110054
(1) The vote of at least 25% of Committee members is required to remit the business to the City’s full Council.