Edinburgh Green Party Wants Cycling in the City to Flourish

A statement from Edinburgh Greens ahead of this week’s cycling summit.

Edinburgh is a small compact city which is ideal for cycling. The more people who cycle, the more cycling will be a priority for policy and planning and the safer all cyclists will feel.

In order to make Edinburgh safer for cyclists and other road users while still enabling journeys to be made quickly and effectively the City of Edinburgh Council should deliver and extend the scope of its Active Travel Action Plan, by:

1. Reviewing and learning from best practice both in the UK and elsewhere, especially places which have achieved high rates of cycle use while maintaining good safety records, such as Holland and Denmark, focusing particularly on on-road infrastructure.

2. Rolling out the 20mph initiative from South Central Edinburgh to all areas of the City. Reducing all 40mph roads within the City boundaries to 30mph on roads and 20mph for roads in residential and shopping streets.

3. Reviewing the barriers to cycling perceived by large numbers of people who could cycle but who choose not to, by extending the scope of the Evaluation & Monitoring report being piloted in the South Central ATAP pilot

4. Adopting a set of principles (such as the Dutch sustainable safety principles) which deliver higher rates of cycling, a reduction in accidents and incidents for both cyclists and other road users, especially pedestrians

5. Immediately identifying and learning from the main causes of serious and fatal accidents

6. Learning from the Swedish target of zero road fatalities by identifying and implementing changes in road design to reflect and put into practice the Zero Fatalities principles

7. Identifying and implementing other changes which will support and encourage more and safer journeys by cycle and by foot, such as better infrastructure for safe cycle parking and storage, better action on obstruction of pavements, dropped kerbs and cycle lanes, and more effective action against obstruction of the highway.