Cycle report shows Scotland being left in the slow lane

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and co-convener of the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group on cycling, says today’s Westminster report on the benefits of investing in cycling should prompt Scottish ministers to shift up a gear.

The report by MPs and peers calls for a cultural shift, a big increase in investment and proposes a target of 25 per cent of journeys made by bike by 2050.

Alison said:

“This report echoes what many of us in Scotland have been calling for in recent years. The response from the Scottish Government to date has been agonisingly slow and it’s hard to see how it will meet its own target of ten per cent of journeys by bike in the next six and a half years when levels remain around one per cent.

“The proposals from the all-party group are sensible and achievable, and backed by everyone from medics to the AA. We cannot afford not to invest in cycling as it benefits our economy, our health and our environment, and it’s an area where Scotland could show real leadership.

“In just a few weeks’ time thousands of Scots will pedal on parliament and I would urge Scottish ministers not to use warm words or wave copies of refreshed action plans. We want properly-funded actions with concrete timescales, otherwise it will be hard not to conclude that Scotland is being left in the slow lane.”