“Never again” say Green councillors over property repair scandal

Green councillors in Edinburgh have reacted to the long-awaited publication of the confidential Deloitte report into the property repair scandal in Edinburgh.

Steve BurgegssGreen Group Convenor, Cllr Steve Burgess, said:

“I’ve been pressing for this report to be published for almost a year now and it reflects poorly on the Council that it has taken so long.  The report is no mere archive – hundreds of owners still feel aggrieved at the quality and cost of work that was carried out and the publication is part of a process of fairly settling their cases.

“For those looking for endemic corruption, the report offers scant fare.  What it does show is much more worrying in many ways, though, simply because it is deeply bedded in the culture of how things had been done: gross incompetence, weak management, poor accountability, and medieval systems.

“Never again must a service be allowed to collapse in this way.”