Ex SNP councillor signals closer working with Green councillors

Former SNP councillor Derek Howie has agreed to work more closely with the 8-strong Green group of councillors in Edinburgh.

Cllr Howie resigned from the SNP in July 2020 and has since joined the Scottish Green Party. While he will remain an independent councillor for the remainder of the term, ending in May 2022, he has been in discussion with the Green councillor group about shared aims and priorities. The arrangement made today does not affect the committee set-up on council.

Cllr Howie said:

“I’m looking forward to working more closely with my new Scottish Green colleagues on areas of common interest such as inclusion, high quality public services and use of public space. I recognise that being originally elected from another political party means that my relationship with those new colleagues will be different. But nevertheless I can see a lot of overlap in our areas of interest.”

Co-convenor of the Green councillor group Cllr Alex Staniforth added:

“In our constructive discussions with Derek we have identified ways in which we can work together, whether at meetings of all councillors or at neighbourhood level. More generally, today’s development is part of a trend where a growing number of people see the Greens as the best way forward for a radically different, greener and fairer Scotland. I look forward to that continuing.”

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