Get a Lift to the Polls – the Eco-Friendly Way

For the first time the Greens are offering lifts to polling stations – in an eco-friendly way.

The party in Edinburgh has teamed up with Edinburgh-based eCorporate travel to make available a Toyota Prius hybrid car on polling day.  The Greens say they will seek to respond to reasonable requests from would-be voters who find it difficult to get to the polling stations, because of age, disability or other reasons.

Top Green candidate for Lothian, Alison Johnstone said:

“Most political parties offer lifts to the polls to their supporters. Up until now the Greens have not had the scope to do that. We did not think it was practical to offer lifts on the backs of bicycles! Now thanks to eCorporate Travel we are able to help. In an election where every Green second vote counts I know how important this is.”

Russell Gray on behalf of eCorporate Travel said:

We’re really pleased to be teaming up with a party with a real commitment to environmental issues. Almost every company now has a Corporate Responsibility to green issues. By using eCorporate Travel, they can reduce their carbon footprint whilst not compromising on service or price. Our proposition isn’t just about the environment but about exceptional service also. Our fully uniformed, courteous chauffeurs assist our clients throughout their journey. Our clients get a high level of service as well as the environmental kudos.”

eCorporate Travel says that carbon emissions using the Toyota Prius (89g/km) undercut by 62% of those of a standard hackney cab (244g/km). Assuming an average of eight 10km journeys a day, the company estimates this would save 3000kg of carbon dioxide a year – equivalent to the energy needs of a three-bedroom house for 6 months.

Voters who want to use this service between 8am and 7pm should email The offer is subject to availability of the car.