Green councillor hails science festival rejection of fossil fuel sponsors

Green councillors in Edinburgh have welcomed a decision by Edinburgh Science to stop accepting sponsorship from companies involved in the fossil fuel industry.

The body, which organises the internationally-acclaimed Edinburgh Science festival every Easter, as well as other learning programmes, has recognised that the acceptance of funding from oil and gas companies flies in the face of compelling climate science. The most recent rise of school climate strikes and climate emergency direct action has undoubtedly focused minds as well.

Green councillor and Edinburgh Science Board member Alex Staniforth said:

“I have pushed for Edinburgh Science to refuse fossil fuel sponsorship and so I am very pleased that they have taken this step. The programmes funded may have been valuable but the evidence is clear – the scientific evidence, of course – that the world can no longer afford to put fossil fuel companies’ profits before the planet.

“The lead shown by Edinburgh Science is one that all companies need to adopt and all event organisers need to follow. The clock is ticking.”