Election Meeting Slammed over Green Snub

Greens in Edinburgh have criticised the Merchant Company of Edinburgh over an apparent snub in its hosting of an election meeting in the capital last night (23 February). In the run up to the council elections on 3 May, many organisations are organising so-called “hustings” events with all five parties which have councillors in Edinburgh.  However, the Merchant Company, which represents business interests, restricted its invitations to only 4 of the 5 parties in its panel discussion with local party leaders.

Steve Burgegss Convenor of the Green Group of Councillors, Steve Burgess said

“This seems an extraordinary oversight on the part of the Merchant Company.  The Lothian area has continuously returned a Green MSP since 1999 and Greens have had 3 councillors in the city for five years now.  As councillors, we have engaged with a full range of issues of interest to businesses, from local shops to the role of supermarket giants and multi-national chains.  I am astonished that we were declined the opportunity to put our views and for members to hear them.”