Greens “true party of equality” in Edinburgh

The Greens are the true party of equality in Edinburgh, it will be claimed today.

Speaking at the launch of the Voluntary Sector Manifesto for Edinburgh, leading Green Council candidate, Gavin Corbett will say that the Greens are truly committed to tackling inequality. In his response to the manifesto, prepared by Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council, Corbett says:

“The Greens are often called an “environmental” party. As if the environment is something “out there”; separate from people. I want to suggest to you that the Greens are above all else an equality party.

“Why is this? Almost all of the other parties believe in salvation through growth, through development. The problem of poverty can be solved by making the cake bigger. The rich may get more, yes, but, so will the crumbs of the poor. Or so the logic goes.

“Except that the cake cannot get bigger. Here in the west we are already living beyond our means. We are already consuming resources as if we had 3 planets when, of course, we only have one.

“So if we are serious about tackling disadvantage, we cannot make the cake bigger. We need to share it more fairly. That’s why Greens are a party of equality.”

The Greens expect to get at least 4 councillors elected in Edinburgh in May.

Notes to editors

1. The Voluntary Sector Manifesto is being launched by EVOC at 4pm on Monday 26th February at Edinburgh Youth Café, Victoria Terrace. All political parties are being invited to give a response.