The Scottish Green Party will today launch its campaign for the European elections at the Edinburgh University Energy Centre. The campaign will focus on Green proposals to create thousands of green jobs in Scotland.

Elaine Morrison, lead Euro candidate for the Scottish Green Party, said:

“As Scotland goes to the polls, we are facing financial collapse and runaway climate change. The economic system built by the other parties has failed us. The bankers who destroyed our economy were egged on by all four other parties, and have been rewarded with massive bonuses.

“I am standing in this election because I want to create green jobs building a new economy fit for the 21st century. We’re launching our campaign for the European Parliament today, and we are in touching distance of electing Scotland’s first Green MEP.

“Greens know we urgently need to kick-start an economy fit for the 21st century. That means creating thousands of green jobs in areas like renewable energy, public transport, and insulation. We came to the Edinburgh University Combined Heat and Power plant today to show how millions of pounds can be saved and jobs created through this kind of technology.

“As Scotland’s first Green MEP I will campaign for 5 million new green jobs across Europe, including thousands here at home in Scotland. The economy has collapsed, but Ministers seem determined to make the same mistakes all over again. This is no time to try and refloat the same system which has failed us.

“We need to reclaim our economy from banks and big business, and create green jobs, building a new economy rooted in our communities. Only Greens have the long-term vision to deliver both a high quality of life across Europe and a Europe playing a responsible role internationally.”

Scottish Green Party Co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“Many voters will see the corruption and greed of the Westminster parties as a reason to vote for an alternative. The expenses scandal is a disgrace, but it shouldn’t distract us from the bigger scandal, which is the economic failure of Labour, Tory, SNP and Liberals alike. It’s interesting that they’re all launching their campaigns talking about green jobs, but all they’ve delivered is jobs for the boys.”