Greens score record Euro result

With the final results for Scotland now in, the Scottish Green Party has taken  7.3% in the European Elections, the party’s best ever result and almost double the Green share of the vote in 2007. (1)

The party’s co-convener Patrick Harvie MSP said:

“We’ve seen a substantial increase in the Green vote across Scotland and elsewhere in the UK, scoring our highest vote ever, so we are disappointed not to have elected Scotland’s first Green MEP this time. A result on this scale at the next Holyrood election would see many more Greens returned to the Scottish Parliament at Labour’s expense.

“These elections will sadly be remembered for the fascists sent to Brussels for the first time. I listened last night and this morning to a string of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians saying we need to listen to people’s concerns on immigration. Not one of them was prepared to challenge the lies the BNP has spread on this and other issues. It’s time for politicians to stand up and be counted on this issue, to explain the truth, instead of simply giving up ideological ground to the far-right.”

In Edinburgh, the Greens scored 13.7%, the highest anywhere in Scotland and putting the party well on course to return two MSPs in 2011 and at least eight councillors in 2012. 


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