Edinburgh councillor arrested at Faslane protest against nuclear weapons

Edinburgh Green councillor Chas Booth has been arrested at Faslane naval base for peaceful protest against Trident, the UK’s weapon of mass destruction.Cllr Booth is a veteran of Faslane blockades and has been arrested and charged with breach of the peace at Faslane on three occasions in the past. He has never been convicted on any of these charges.

Chas, who is the Green councillor for Leith, said:

“Trident nuclear weapons are an affront to humanity. They serve no useful military purpose in today’s era of stateless terrorists and are a costly white elephant. The billions wasted on Trident should be invested in our hard-pressed public services instead.

“With next year’s vote on independence we have a chance to consign Trident to the dustbin of history where it belongs. In the meantime I believe in backing words with personal and peaceful action.”