In their final appeal before the election, Edinburgh Greens have urged voters to make Edinburgh the model green city of the future. 

The party has outlined five measures which will make Edinburgh a world leader in tackling climate change but also enhance the quality of life of life in the city.

The measures include:

A massive boost to energy efficiency and new local energy production
A sustained effort to reduce traffic levels which are choking the city.
Support for small business rather than wasteful and centralised corporations
Ambitious targets to reduce waste and double the level of recycling
A commitment to treasure green and open space and much-loved community facilities

Alison Johnstone, the Green Candidate for Meadows/Morningside Ward, said:

“Edinburgh is the Green capital of Scotland.  Here, and the wider Lothians, we elected the first Green Parliamentarian, Robin Harper, in 1999.  Here in 2003 we were the first to elect two Green MSPs, when Mark Ballard joined Robin.  And there are tens of thousands of people in this city who want to see Edinburgh become a greener and fairer place.

“As well as electing Green MSPs again, we urge voters, for the first time, to elect Green councillors.  Just four or five Greens in the City Chambers will send a powerful message to the Council that people want green action not just green words.  Green councillors will be able to hold other parties to account and expose those who would bargain away our future.

“Edinburgh is ideally placed to be the model green city of the future.�

Greens are standing in all seventeen council wards for the first time.