Greens in final push in Edinburgh – with the help of City Car Club!

Edinburgh Greens say they are approaching the final day of the campaign with renewed energy and optimism. In Edinburgh East, where Robin Harper is contesting the Greens’ number one target seat in Scotland, party activists are delivering final “eve of poll” reminder cards throughout the area tonight (Wednesday 5 May).  On election day Robin will be touring the polling stations, by foot and also courtesy of a City Car Club vehicle.Robin said:

“There’s been two campaigns in 2010: a TV campaign, seriously short on substance from which genuinely alternative voices have been excluded; and the real campaign in communities and on doorsteps where the response to the Greens’ message has been excellent.

“In Edinburgh East, the Tories and Lib Dems are nowhere to be seen. Here it’s Green votes that are challenging the status quo.

“The only positive future for Scotland and Edinburgh is a green future. And Green votes and Green representatives are the surest way to get there.”

Keith Stark Manager of Edinburgh City Car Club said:

“Joining and using a City Car Club car is just one of many practical steps that people can take to reduce carbon emissions in Edinburgh. I am delighted to see politicians doing more than just talking the talk.”



Edinburgh City Car Club was set up in 2000 with the aim of reducing congestion and emissions within Edinburgh by providing a fleet of modern efficient cars for use of members. See