Green councillor questions rising flood cost

Green councillor, Nigel Bagshaw has hit out at the rising cost of flood defences on the Water of Leith after it was revealed that costs have almost doubled to over £20 million.

He said: “There is an ongoing problem with the way contracts are drafted in Edinburgh and they need to be much tighter so the city does not enter into open-ended commitments.

“The scheme is a sledgehammer to crack a nut and comes at far too high a price in terms of monetary cost, environmental damage and the impact on the lives of those living next to the construction sites.

“My hope now is that the works will be completed on time so that life can get back to normal for the people of the Stockbridge colonies and Warriston.

“As phases two and three are unlikely to go ahead, we need to take a reasoned look at alternatives to protect people’s homes and ensure that they can get insurance for their houses.”

Read the full story in the Edinburgh Evening News.