Forth Bridge Report Blows SNP’s Reason for New Crossing

Responding to a report by the chief engineer of the Forth Road Bridge, showing that “the safety of the main cables will not diminish significantly in the future as long as the dehumidification system continues to function”, Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian, said:

“This report removes the central justification that the SNP made for blowing over a billion pounds on a new bridge. The Scottish Greens were the only party arguing strongly that repairing the existing bridge, even if the cables had to be replaced, would have cost a tiny fraction of the price and with no closure of the bridge.

“Those who wanted to see if the repairs worked before blowing billions on a new bridge were the responsible ones, while other parties charged recklessly ahead.

Alison added:

“The Scottish Government must keep their promise to restrict use of the existing bridge to buses, bikes and pedestrians, otherwise they will simply have created an eight-lane motorway over the Forth, encouraging ever more traffic and congestion coming into Edinburgh.”