Greens select local activist for Forth by-election

Edinburgh Green Party have chosen local campaigner Kate Joester as their candidate for the Forth Ward by-election.

Kate is a community health worker and mother of two small children, who lives in Wardie, in the heart of Forth Ward. Kate is a longstanding campaigner on poverty and environment issues.

The Green by-election campaign will aim to get the message across to voters that their three Councillors, elected in 2007, have been an effective new voice on Edinburgh Council and that one more Green would give them more influence on environmental and social issues.

Green candidate Kate Joester said:

“This is the area I live in. It’s a really diverse place with some of the most deprived parts of Edinburgh alongside some of the more comfortable. It’s also an area which is seeing very rapid development, without matching improvements in transport and other services.

“I’ll be campaigning for better public transport, support for local shops and businesses, and for a strong, safe and sustainable Forth Ward.”

Kate is particularly concerned to improve quality of life for local people, and has helped lead the campaign challenging Lothian Buses’ ban on prams that don’t fold up. She designed a postcard to be handed out to bus drivers and featured in the Edinburgh Evening News.

She said:

“One immediate practical step I’d take if elected is to have the children’s play areas in the area cleared of broken glass, litter and graffiti and ensure open spaces such as Wardie beach are fit for local people to use.”