Voters need to see Green choices, free of UKIP clutter

Greens fear they are not getting their message across to voters in next month’s European elections – because their leaflets promoting top candidate Maggie Chapman are being sent out inside pamphlets for arch-opponents UKIP.

A spokesperson said he had received several complaints from members of the public that the Royal Mail had broken election rules by putting Green leaflets inside UKIP ones. He added:

“People have told us they were just about to put the Ukip leaflet in the bin when they realised at the last minute that our leaflet was inside.

“It’s against the terms of the Royal Mail’s contract with the government for handling the freepost election literature, which explicitly says leaflets should not be inside each other.

“The Greens and Ukip are at opposite ends of the political spectrum so it is particularly irritating.

“Anyone who is even mildly inclined to vote Green is likely to have an aversion to UKIP and may of them are going to bin the UKIP leaflet without looking inside.”

Read the full story in the Edinburgh Evening News: