Greens Back Alternative Budget for Better Edinburgh

Green councillors today joined forces with opposition groups on City of Edinburgh Council to submit an alternative budget to that presented by the ruling Lib Dem-SNP Administration.

The Administration’s budget, among other things, proposed massive cuts to schools budgets, reductions in support to the capital’s voluntary sector, reducing library hours and the closure of Braehead Community Recycling Centre.

The opposition groups’ amendment, however, offers a balanced budget next year, with no cuts to education or the voluntary sector and funding for a living wage for council employees.

Convenor of the Green Councillors in Edinburgh, Steve Burgess said:

“The Lib-Dem / SNP group said there was only one choice for its package of cuts: take it or leave it.  That was a false choice.  By joining forces with other opposition councillors we have shown that there was an alternative, protecting public services and enhancing the position of the lowest-paid staff.  We’ve also shown the absurdity of the polarised way the council budget process works.”

The Administration Budget passed through the casting vote of the Lord Provost.