Greens push Pedal on Parliament

Ahead of this Saturday’s Pedal on Parliament (POP) Lothian Green MSP Alison Johnstone is highlighting the actions already taken by the Scottish Greens to progress the issue of safe cycling. At the same time, Green councillor, Steve Burgess, today secured a message of support for POP from the last full City of Edinburgh Council meeting before the election.

In early March Greens called for a summit on the issue, prompting SNP Transport Minister Keith Brown to invite cycling representatives to a regular meeting of the Road Safety Operational Partnership on 21 March. The minutes of the meeting have just been approved by the minister and show a small number of minor actions to be taken up by various organisations.

Since 21 March Greens have used their limited debate time at Holyrood to progress the issue, getting cross-party backing for a package of measures including more training for children, infrastructure upgrades and 20mph zones.

Alison Johnstone has also lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament urging MSPs to support Pedal on Parliament and she is setting up a cross-party group at Holyrood to discuss cycling issues.

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian, said:

“I’m looking forward to taking part in Pedal on Parliament. I will continue to make the case for action on cycling which has so many benefits for health, the environment and people’s pockets.

“Greens have already made a difference by securing cross-party backing for on-road training for every child in Scotland, a rolling programme of infrastructure upgrades and more 20mph zones in residential and shopping areas. SNP ministers must now deliver.”