Greens seek Lanark Road bike lane reprieve

Green councillor Claire Miller is leading a last-ditch attempt to stop a newly-installed bike lane being ripped out of Lanark Road.

The Lanark Road bike lanes were installed as part of the Spaces for People programme earlier in 2021. However, in a shock move at Transport Committee last week, SNP and Labour councillors voted to remove them, post-pandemic, only months after installation. The move has prompted widespread outrage from cycle campaigners and local families, enjoying safe cycling for the first time on a road where there has been a cyclist fatality within the last decade.

The report on Spaces for People is coming to a meeting of all councillors this week (Thursday 24 June 2021) and Green councillor Claire Miller has now published an amendment calling for the Lanark Road project to be retained, reviewed and improved.

Claire said:

Over the last year there have been many projects to provide more safe space for people walking, wheeling and cycling. Some have been more successful than others as was always going to be the case in a programme like this. But, overall, there can be no doubt about the need for Edinburgh to take the same path as other cities and transform travel. That is why Lanark Road is such a test. It is a 4 lane highway with low density housing, a park, and a golf course on either side. If there isn’t space for segregated bikes lanes here where is there space?

So that is why my amendment invites SNP and Labour councillors to think again. I know several of them will have been very uncomfortable with what was decided last week. But warm words are not enough; they need to vote with what they know to be right and keep safe cycling on Lanark Road.

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