Green councillor shock as “Grenfell” cladding discovered at Fountainbridge flats

The same cladding as used on Grenfell Tower in London has been found on newly-built student flats at Bainfield in the Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh.

Investigations at the 3 year old flats, which house over 700 Napier University students next to the Union Canal, have uncovered Grenfell style cladding in around a quarter of the building.

Local Green Councillor Gavin Corbett said:

“Almost as soon as the Grenfell tragedy happened I had local queries about the cladding used on the buildings at Bainfield. But this news will come as a great shock to the students in Bainfield and the wider community.

“It’s obviously vital that the cladding is replaced urgently and that all fire safety and prevention steps are taken in the meantime. While the fire service advice appears to be that there is no need to evacuate, if there is even a sliver of doubt I believe the university must offer alternative accommodation for those students directly affected.

“One mercy is that that the flats are relatively unoccupied at the moment because of the end of term which means that work can be done as quickly as possible.”