Horsemeat: Greens demand action on school supply chains

Scottish Greens are demanding action from SNP ministers after traces of horse DNA were found in a frozen beef burger supplied to a school in North Lanarkshire.

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and food spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, said:

“The Environment Secretary seems to be all at sea on this issue and is failing to reassure the public, in particular parents whose children eat school meals. The complacency being shown by ministers is underlined by the fact that Scotland appears to spend just £1.18 per pupil per school meal.

“Earlier this week I reminded the environment secretary of schemes like the Soil Association’s Food for Life catering mark, which currently gives peace of mind to 1 in 10 schools in Scotland and is a great example of what we could roll out. Ministers seem to be putting faith in a new food standards agency for Scotland but that won’t happen overnight so they must act sooner to localise our convoluted supply chains.”

Read the story as reported in Edinburgh Evening News.